How comfortable do you feel about your financial situation -- both present and future?

How would you like to feel about your financial status?

Become a creator of your wealth, not a manager of your circumstances

What do you think of when you hear the word money? Like religion, sex, or politics, few topics elicit such strong emotions as that word. It can make people feel guilty when they have it — or ashamed when they don't. It's intensely personal and highly charged.

Money has the power to create or the power to destroy. It can be a blessing that turns your dreams into reality...or a burden that you're always chasing. One thing is for sure: you must master money, or it will master you.

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Develop an asset allocation plan so that you’re protected no matter what

How many times have you picked what looks like the fastest line at the grocery store, but it turns out to be the slowest? Or how often do you switch to the fast lane in a traffic jam and watch the cars in the slow lane whizz past you? You think you’re getting there faster, and then you’re wrong.

The same thing can happen with your investments. Except that when you make mistakes with your nest egg, if it’s too big a mistake, it can be disastrous.

That’s the crucial lesson: What goes up will come down!

Discover what Tony has to say about your most important investment decision:

Don’t just get an iPhone, own a piece of Apple

Tony shares his keys to financial success with the Wall Street Journal

Tony latest book is “Money, Master the Game”. His commitment is; How do I help the average person to take control financially? You don’t have to be rich to be financially free but here’s you must do.

It's the most important financial decision of your life

Most of us are making the worst trade we could make — we’re trading time for money. It’s what makes us feel like a hamster on a wheel, running and running but never able to make any progress towards our financial goals. We know we cannot earn our way to financial freedom, and yet we can’t get off the wheel.

If you think there is no way, watch Tony tell Charlie Rose the story of a man who never earned more than $14,000 p/a and yet managed to retire with over $70 million.

Tony reveals the principles guiding the ultra-wealthy (top 0.01%)

Usually when we hear stories of the behaviour of the super-rich it involves shopping sprees, trips to Monaco, or perhaps the occasional lifestyle productivity hack. But how did the ultra-wealthy become the top 0.01%? Is there a secret formula to obtaining and maintaining wealth?

For four years, Tony Robbins interviewed the world’s top financial minds, on a quest to provide the average person with the blueprint to become financially free. What Tony found on this epic journey was a pattern of behaviour amongst this group of ultra-wealthy individuals — principles that guided their decision-making, and, ultimately, their success.