How happy are you in your ability to lead, help and contribute to the lives of others?

How would you like to feel about your ability to lead others and contribute to society?

Progress equals happiness

If you want to have ongoing joy and fulfilment in your life, the secret is just one word – progress. Progress equals happiness. While achievements and material things may excite you for the moment, the only thing that's going to make you happy long-term is knowing that you're making progress.

To do this, you have to remember: While change is automatic – progress is not. Progress results from actively and consciously choosing to create a life you love; a life where you can't wait to jump out of bed in the morning because you are growing, contributing, impacting and serving.

How do you start creating a life like that? By first learning that you don't need an excuse to feel good – you can feel good for no reason.

Watch what Tony has to say and then tell us what you do to make yourself feel good.

Tony Robbins on ‘The day I became wealthy’

When you think of your life, do you think about what’s missing? Or do you think about what you have?

If you always think about what you don’t have, you will tend to hold on to everything that you do have, because you feel that you have so little and thus not much to give. But listen to Tony as he explains how giving in times of extreme discomfort, when you feel “lack” and not abundance, can be the most valuable.

The art of fulfilment

Can you succeed in life and still not be fulfilled? How many times in your life have you achieved what you set out to do and then a short time later thought, "Is this all there is?" There is a formula for success –called the science of achievement – which is the process of taking your dreams and making them real. But living a fulfilled life is an art, not a science.

So how do we find fulfilment?

There are universal elements of fulfilment and the number one element is that we must grow. If we don't grow, we won't be fulfilled. The second is that you must contribute beyond yourself. If our goals only serve ourselves, then achieving our goals will only make us happy for a moment. But if your mission is to serve others, then not only will you leave a legacy of giving, but you will be more fulfilled in life. The point is this: What will make you fulfilled is to grow and to give.

Learning the art of fulfilment will allow you to create an extraordinary life for yourself and your family.

Create the life you desire

What if every problem and pain you had was life happening for you – not to you? What if that obnoxious co-worker is really there to teach you something? What if the school traffic is actually an opportunity to talk to your kids? What if your problems were gifts? How would that change things for you? We all ascribe meaning to the events in our lives, even the little things. We create definitions, and the definitions you choose can instantly transform the way you look at your entire life. If you master meaning, you master life.

So – here's the question: Is the meaning you are giving to your life limiting you or empowering you? Right now, you can choose new, more empowering meanings for your life and create a new world for yourself and those you care about.

Watch what Tony has to say about embracing life:

Tony Robbins & Operation Underground Railroad

Can you imagine someone who has seen more extraordinary displays of humanity’s potential than Tony Robbins? Yet what unfolded at his Business Mastery in Las Vegas, 2016, moved him to tears. A phenomenal, inspiring example of a state to which we should all strive. Just amazing.

Smart investors know the importance of diversifying their assets. You’ve got three buckets - Security, Risk/Growth and Dream - that will lead you to financial freedom and give you maximum reward for minimum risk. While many people think about the first two, too often the Dream Bucket gets pushed aside for later. Could this neglect be holding you back?

Seriously, right now, think about something that excites you. Something that would inspire you to earn and contribute more. The key is that the Dream Bucket helps you enjoy your wealth.

To donate to Operation Underground Railroad, go here. Your donation could make a huge difference in a child’s life.

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